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  •  für Sekundarstufe I

  •     (Klassen 5- 10) 
  •  für Sekundarstufe I/II
        (ab Klasse 9 sowie Oberstufe) 
      Klett English Readers
    Level 1: 400 words
      Klett English Novels
    (7. Lehrjahr)
      Klett English Readers
    Level 2: 800 words
      Klett English Novels
    (ab Klasse 9)
      Klett English Readers
    Level 3: 1300 words
      English Teenage Fiction
    (ab Klasse 10)
      Klett English Readers
    Level 4: 1900 words
      Klett Short Stories
    Sek. II: Teil 1
    / Teil 2
      Klett English Readers
    Level 5: 2800 words
      Klett English Drama
    (Sekundarstufe II)
      Klett English Readers
    Level 6: 3800 words
      Klett Englisch Abitur
    Oberstufe/11.-13. Schuljahr
      Black Cat Green Apple Readers
    Step 1/2, 6.- 8. Klasse
      Black Cat Training & Discovery
      Black Cat Shakespeare Dramen   Black Cat Reading & Training
    Beginner - Elementary
      Black Cat Reading & Training
      Black Cat Reading & Training

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    Abitur. Englische Kurzgeschichten:

    - Caught Between Cultures (Abiturthema)

    - Australian Short Stories (Abiturthema)


    - Inhaltliche Vorgaben


    Abitur Novels
    Abiturthemen und Abiturpflichttexte
    ABITUR 2024/25

    Baden-Württemberg 2024/2025

    - Crooked Letter,
    Crooked letter
    - Gran Torino (2024)
    - Crossing Borders (2025)


    - Behold the dreamers 2026
    - Greetings from Bury Park (2024/2025)
    - Atonement (eA)
    - The Midsummer Night´s Dream (2025)
    - Seven methods of killing kylie jenner


    - The Embassy of Cambodia (2024)
    - Voices of Africa - Nigeria (2024)
    - Every Day is for the Relief
    - Visions of the Future (2024)

    - A Lesson before dying

    Abiturempfehlungen nach Abiturtiteln A-Z

    1984 Moon Palace
    Atonement Monster
    Abomination Mother to mother
    About a boy Never let me go
    A Christmas Carol No tigers in Africa
    A Devoted son Of mice and men
    African Americans - History,
    Politics and Culture
    One year commencing
    Alan and Naomi Othello
    An inspector calls Out of bounds
    A lesson before Dying Out of dust
    A raisin in the sun Outsiders
    A star called Henry Pig Heart Boy
    A streetcar named Desire Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The
    A very long way Pygmalion
    All Americans Boys Ragtime
    Angela Red Dust
    Animal Farm / (2) Remains of the Day
    Be strong, my Abela Room
    Bend it like Beckham Romeo and Juliet
    Black Album Seedfolks
    Brave New World seven methods of killing kylie jenner
    Cal Slam
    Catcher in the Rye, The Slaughterhouse 5
    Catching Fire Slumdog Millionaire
    Caught between Cultures Small Steps
    Cloning Miranda Sonny´s Blues
    Confusions Stone Cold
    Crime Fiction Stories of Initiation
    Crooked letter, crooked letter The Absolutely True Diary
    of a Part-Time-Indian
    Crucible The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
    Cultural Encounters The Black Album
    Death of a Salesman The Catcher in the Rye
    Dead Poets Society The circle
    Dear Nobody The Crucible
    Dear Ijeawele The Disconnect
    Death of a Superhero The Embassy of Cambodia
    Displacement The Five people you meet in heaven
    Double Helix The Giver
    Every Day The Great Gatsby
    Every Day is for the Thief The Guardians
    Fahrenheit 451 The Handmaid´s Tale
    Falling Man The hate U give
    Fish House Secrets The Machine Stops
    Frankenstein The other side of the bridge
    Good at art The Outsiders
    Great Detective Stories The Porcupine of Truth
    Great Commonwealth Stories The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
    Great Immigrant Stories The recluctant fundamentalist
    Greetings from Bury Park The Sedan
    Guard Your Heart The tenth Man
    Half Broke Horses The Time Machine
    Heat and Dust The Tortilla Curtain
    Holes The Truman Show
    Hunger Games The War between the classes
    Identity and belonging The Wave
    Inside Out The World is flat
    Journey Home Thirteen Reasons Why
    Kite Runner, The To Kill a Mockingbird
    La Linea Tortilla Curtain
    Lawn Boy Two weeks with the Queen
    Lies of Silence Unarranged Marriage
    Little Brother Visions of Future
    Looking for Alibrandi Voices of Africa - Nigeria
    Lord oft he flies Walkabout
    Machines like me Water by the Spoonful
    Merchant of Venice Wednesday´s Child
    Mindgame White Tiger
      You must be Layla


    Abiturthemen Canada

    Thema "Canada" :

    Abiturthemen Crime/Life and Death/Terroris/Fanatismus

    Thema "Crime" :
    (Stone Cold), The Outsiders, Crime Fiction, Room,The White Tiger, Great Detective Stories,
    Inside Out, An Inspector calls, A Lesson before Dying, Monster, Holes

    Themenbereich Life and death:
    Death of a Superhero, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Tenth Man

    Themenbereich Terrorism:
    Falling Man, The Black Album

    Abiturthemen Media and Society/Globalisation, World of Work

    Themenbereich Media and Society :
    Catching Fire, The Hunger Games, The Truman Show

    Themenbereich Social Media
    seven methods of killing kylie jenner, The machine stops

    Themenbereich Globalisation:
    The World is flat, The White Tiger, The Embassy of Cambodia,

    nur an Lehrer:
    Avatar /The Butler

    Themenbereich World of work :
    Lawn Boy

    Abiturthema Utopia and Distopia

    Themenbereich Utopia and Dystopia :
    Frankenstein, Little Brother, Catching Fire, , The Guardians, Fahrenheit 451,
    The Handmaid´s Tale, 1984, The Hunger Games
    , The Giver, Brave New World, The Time machine
    nur für Lehrer: Food Inc. / Divergent

    Abiturthema ´Genetic engineering and medical ethics´

    Themenbereich genetic engineering and medical ethics :
    Cloning Miranda, Pig Heart Boy, Never let me go, Double Helix, Brave New World

    Abiturthema The Individual and Society

    Themenbereich The Individual and Society :
    Crucible, , The Outsiders, Pygmalion, Lord of the flies
    nur für Lehrer: Avatar/The Butler, Food Inc. / Divergent

    Abiturthema AMERICAN DREAM

    Themenbereich American Dream :
    Death of a Salesman, The Great Gatsby
    , Moon Palace, Zeitoun, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Ragtime, Of Mice and Men

    Landeskundliche Abiturthemen:

    Themenbereiche Irland, Northern Ireland und Terrorism :
    Lies of Silence, Wednesday´s Child, Cal, Journey Home, Journey Home and other Irish Short Stories, A Star Called Henry

    Themenbereich Australia:
    Walkabout, Looking for Alibrandi, Angela

    Themenbereich South Africa:
    No tigers in Africa, Out of Bounds, Red Dust

    Themenbereichen Canada :
    One Year Commencing, Fish House Secrets, One Year Commencing

    Themenbereich India:
    A devoted son. Slumdog Millionaire, The White Tiger, Heat and Dust, (Un)arranged Marriage

    Themenbereich Urban, suburban and rural lifestyles
    Seedfolks, La Línea (en.)

    Abiturthemen: Aids/Drogen

    Themebereich AIDS
    BE Strong my Abela, Two Weeks with the Queen

    Themenbereich Drugs und Race relations:
    Sonny´s Blues, Junk (Drugs)

    Abiturthemen: Immigration,Commonwealth, Multikulturelle Gesellschaft

    Themenbereich British identity :
    The Remains of the Day

    Themenbereich Multicultural society:
    Good at art, Bend it like Beckham, Avatar,Greetings from Bury Park,
    (un)arranged marriage, The Black Album (London)

    Themenbereich Colonial experience and Commonwealth :
    Caught between Cultures
    , Heat and Dust, Great Commonwealth Stories

    Themenbereich Immigration:

    The Reluctant Fundamentalist, BE Strong my Abela, Ragtime,
    Looking for Alibrandi, Great Immigrant Stories, The Black Album

    Themenbereiche Hispanics in the USA und Immigration :
    The Tortilla Curtain, La Línea (en.)

    Abiturthemen: Rassentrennung, Apartheid, Südstaaten, Südafrika

    Themenbereich Rassentrennung/Apartheid:
    Mother to Mother, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Sonny's Blues, Red Dust ,
    The War Between the Classes (USA)

    Themenbereich American South :
    The Ballad of the Sad Café, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, To Kill a Mocking Bird,
    A Lesson before Dying, A Streetcar Named Desire

    Themenbereich Black Lives matter :
    The hate U give, All American Boys, To Kill a Mockingbird, How It Went Down,
    African Americans - History, Politics and Culture, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter,
    Sonny's Blues

    Abiturthemen: Politische Themen, Krieg, Sozialismus, Religion

    Themenbereich Sozialismus:
    Animal Farm

    Themenbereich Political systems:
    The Handmaid´s Tale, The Wave

    Themenbereich Religion:
    Abomination, The Handmaid´s Tale, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

    Themenbereich Krieg/Geschichte:
    Slaughterhouse V

    Abiturthemen: Familiy/Erwachsenwerden, Liebe & Freundschaft

    Themenbereich Family :
    Abomination, One Year Commencing, BE Strong my Abela, Kite Runner

    Themenbereich Education:
    Dead Poets Society, The Wave

    Themenbereich Growing up:
    Fish House Secrets, The Catcher in the Rye, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, About a boy, Never let me go, Room, Greetings from Bury Park, Stories of Initiation, Looking for Alibrandi, Slam, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Dear Nobody, Dead Poets Society, Holes,Guard Your Heart, Smal Steps, You Must Be Layla,

    Themenbereiche Family, Film, und Love and friendship :
    About a boy, Thirteen Reasons Why

    Themenbereich Love and friendship :
    A very long way, CAL, About a boy, The Ballad of the Sad Café
    , Confusions,

    Abiturthemen: Changing role of men and women

    Themenbereich Changing role of men and women :
    Bend it like Beckham, About a boy

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